"I will not reason and compare: my business is to create."

William Blake

editing tutorials

My Photoshop actions are simple tools created for you, the photographer, to help you turn your photos into art. They were created for the busy business owner, to help streamline the editing process and free up more time to spend building a business and engaging with more clients. They were created for the hobbyist who finds the thrill in turning a bland, under-exposed photo into a vivid display of art.

Built to be completely customizable, you can either let the actions do the work themselves with just one click, or you can dive into each action's layers, tweaking and altering to your own liking. To view my editing tutorials, visit my YouTube channel (feel free to leave comments or questions or even editing example suggestions!)

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Inspired by the great loves and adventures in literature, this set caters to  soft, dreamy edits, and daring pops of color.


coming soon!

Simple, classic, colorful, and best of all, free! Who could ask for anything more? 



Adding magic and depth to photos is incredibly simple with 74 overlays ranging from sunsets to falling snow. 



A simple set comprised of essentials for all portrait photographers, ranging from skin smoothing to smokey eye-shadow.

(portrait retouching)


ciao bella

Inspired by life in Minnesota,
The Four Seasons offers a mix
of edits from stormy and
bold, to bright and airy.


The four seasons

The perfect set for photographers who enjoy a variety of edits. From classic and bold, to hazy and matte, Felicity offers everything.